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Who We Are

TAO of Greater Rochester is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of transplant candidates, recipients and their families. TAO is an association of individuals who are typically either:

  1. Candidates for transplant or are already transplant recipients
  2. Caregivers or family members of a candidate or recipient
  3. Donors or members of a donor family.

TAO members provide support for other transplant candidates, recipients, and their families.  By sharing their personal experiences, these former patients complement the counseling provided by physicians, social workers and other health care professionals by offering special understanding that comes only from experiencing a transplant firsthand.  In addition to offering support, TAO members also participate in special events throughout the year to promote organ, eye, and tissue donation.  

Thousands of organ transplant recipients are alive and well today after being told they only had months to live.  To the average person, detached from personal contact with an organ recipient, transplant surgery holds the mystical quality of a miracle cure.  It is, undeniably, a miraculous advance in medicine.  For those who have endured the seemingly endless wait for a donor organ and have finally received their transplant, it is indeed a chance at new life after years of illness.
In many cases, however this new life brings with it a new set of challenges.  Transplant recipients face lives that can be difficult psychologically, socially, and financially.  They must take medication daily, regulate their diet and weight carefully, as well as remain constantly alert for signs of possible infection.  In addition to these physical concerns, they must deal with the high costs associated with organ transplantion.  People who have had a transplant share a special bond of understanding and support as a result of their mutual experiences.
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